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Denver Colorado Swingers Club European-Style Hotel Suites at Sugar House

The #1 Denver Swingers Club, Sugar House now has Hotel Suites for our customers to play, party and spend the night!
Sugar House is the only club of it's kind in Denver specifically catering to Denver Colorado swingers. Sugar House is a classy, fun and professional facility with extremely affordable, well appointed, beautifully decorated and discrete hotel suites. Sugar House offers an experience for the Denver Colorado swinger community that no other Denver swingers club can.
If you would like to reserve a suite or have questions please contact us at

All rooms include the following:
~ Overnight stay with 11:00 a.m. check-out the following day
 ~ Complimentary overnight valet parking
 ~ Gift basket with fun items to use for the evening 
 ~ Newly decorated beautifully appointed rooms
 ~ 100% exclusive privacy
 ~ Flat screen TV's w/DVD player
 ~ CD player with iPOD connection
~ Shower access
~ Bath towels
~ Robes

Suite One ~ The Grande Suite Click for pics
A large suite with 2 King Size beds
Large leather sectional couch and cocktails tables
Suite Two ~ The Kasidie Suite Click for pics
The largest suite available, complete with two queen size Tempur-Pedic beds with beautiful four-post frames, a large sectional leather convertible sofa and bench seating. A great room for a group or small party.
Suite Three ~ The Zen Den Click for pics
Beautiful Asian inspired decor and art
King Size Bed
Two leather couches and cocktails tables
Suite Four ~ The Queen Room Click for pics
One 4-Poster Queen Size bed
One leather couch and cocktails table

Suite rates and terms
Suite rates range from $100 - $200 per night depending on the room and length of stay and includes cover charge for the couple renting the suite.
You may reserve a room in advance by emailing us or they're available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you meet a sexy couple while you're here and wish to have some fun and privacy just ask any Sugar House employee. Suites usually sell-out on Saturdays so if you know you want a suite we recommend reserving one in advance.
Sugar House Suites FAQ
Are these actual hotel rooms with bathrooms in each room?
The suites are set up European-style, meaning there are shared restrooms and a shared shower for guests. All rooms are very well appointed with designer furnishing, art, LCD TV's and more.
Can we actually stay the night?
Yes, we have the same licensing as any other hotel such as a Hyatt or Marriot, however, we are much smaller allowing us to keep customer service high, and cater to a very specific Denver Colorado swinger club clientele.
What can we do in our Suites? Do the doors have locks?
The suites are just like any other hotel rooms, meaning once you rent a suite it's yours for the night and whatever you do in your own suite is your business. No one can enter unannounced. Yes, the doors lock and you're provided with a key .
Is Sugar House a Denver Colorado swingers club?
On Saturday nights, Sugar House specifically caters to the Denver Colorado swinger community as well as couples and single women curious about the swinger scene in Denver and Colorado swingers clubs. Sugar House is the only 100% legal swingers club in Denver Colorado attracting the youngest, classiest Denver swingers every weekend for dancing, dining, drinking, and now discrete and private hotel suites for you to stay and play.
Can we bring our own alcohol?
No. Since we have a liquor license, it is illegal in the state of Colorado to bring your own liquor into any facility with a liquor license. We have a full service, award winning bar and cocktail program. There is a mini-bar in each room for your convenience stocked with Vodka, Red and White Wine, Red Bull, Water, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Who can we have in our Suite? Do you charge per person?
We do not charge per person nor for additional people you host in your own suite. If two of you rent a room, you're allowed to invite any guests in your room as long as it does not pose a safety hazard regarding local building and fire codes. Each room has a maximum occupancy rating and each room varies in size.

What about noise, can we stay up and party all night?
Unlike other hotels, since we're small we have the luxury of attracting a specific crowd that likes to stay, play, and keep the party going. Within reason, we do not necessarily have a "quiet time", however, if it's past 4:00am and you're the only guests awake still making a lot of noise, we may ask you to turn it down just a bit. However, our guests do understand we're designed to encourage people to let their hair down and have fun for the entire evening without the worry of bothering other guests as they might in traditional hotels, or being bothered by hotel security for making too much noise. We want you to have FUN.
Do we have to stay the night?
No you do not have to stay the night, however, by laws that govern our lodging license, we must allow over night stay. You may check-out at any time.

Why do you offer a room credit for early check out?
We realize that some of our guests just want to use their suite while the nightclub is open to play and party, then go home when they're done playing for the evening. This allows us to keep it extremely affordable for our guests (especially when splitting a suite with others). This also allows us to rent the suite again to someone who may have had too much to drink, or people that have met others later in the night and wish to play and party after the nightclub portion of Sugar House closes.

Is Sugar House a Denver Colorado sex club?
Sugar House is an award-winning nightclub, bar, restaurant and on-premise boutique hotel, not a Denver sex club. By law, we do not allow nudity or sexual activity anywhere within public view or outside of your hotel suite. Any and all nudity or sexual activity must be kept behind closed doors in your rented hotel suite.  Since we specifically reach out and cater to Denver swingers in Colorado with the combination of a fully licensed Hotel & Nightclub, Sugar House is the only 100% legal Denver Swingers Club in Colorado.

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