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Information about Denver's #1 Swingers Club in Denver, CO

Sugar House is THE Hotspot in Denver on Friday & Saturday Nights for younger, sexy and fit couples to enjoy nightlife in a hip, fun, and extremely friendly environment catering specifically to Denver Colorado swingers .
Sugar House is the ONLY legal Denver swingers Club in Colorado with a full liquor license, professional nightclub atmosphere, great music and on-premise play suites. We do not have expensive cover charges like other swinger clubs in Denver, Co. nor do we ask for personal information or charge membership fees...
Our facility is rated top 5 in North America! Sugar House swingers club in Denver is classy, clean, fun, fabulous and hip!
Common questions:
We're new, what should we expect?
Whether you're new and nervous or you're a couple who has experience in the swinger club scene, Sugar House is the perfect swinger club in Denver. When you walk in the first thing you'll notice is that it's very comfortable, professional, inviting and relaxed. We've created a zero-pressure environment and it will look and feel like you're in an upscale lounge or club, with the added bonus that everyone is here for relatively the same reason you are, which is to meet other like-minded couples.
Is there nudity allowed? Is there sex allowed out in the open?
There's no nudity in any common areas of the club. We have a full liquor license which prohibits nudity or sexual activity out in the open.
If there's no nudity out in the open, how can it be a swingers club?
Sugar House is an award-winning nightclub, restaurant and on-premise boutique hotel,  not a Denver sex club. By law (and preference) we do not allow nudity or sexual activity anywhere within public view or outside of the on-premise hotel suites. Any and all nudity or sexual activity must be kept behind closed doors in a rented hotel suite.  Since we specifically cater to Denver swingers in Colorado with the combination of a fully licensed Hotel & Nightclub, Sugar House is the only 100% legal Denver Swingers Club in Colorado and the only place of it's kind in the United States!
How old is the crowd at Sugar House?
Since we're a nightclub atmosphere we naturally attract the youngest demographic of swingers in Denver compared to other swinger clubs in Colorado. The average age of the majority of our customers is 35. We have many couples in their 20's and it tops out in the mid-40's. The majority of our couples tend to be fit, fun, friendly, fashionable and young at heart. While we do not turn away older couples (45+), we've observed that older couples do not have as good as an experience as our younger customers due to the music we play (top 40, house, dance rock) and that there simply aren't that many older couples that come here.
We're in our 40's but we're in shape, feel and act much younger. Will we fit in?
If you consider yourself young for your age, young at heart, and appear young for your age, then yes, come check us out! You'll have a great time.
We checked out a place called Scarlet Ranch and it was $100 just to get in and we had to bring our own alcohol and provide personal information. How much does it cost to go to Sugar House and do we have to bring our own alcohol or compromise our privacy?
Unlike Scarlet Ranch, Sugar House is a fully licensed, fully legal Denver swinger club and we are much more affordable. Cover charge at Sugar House is only $20-$30 per couple, No membership fees, we do not ask for personal information or require you to sign a waiver. We also have two full bars and have won numerous National and International awards for our cocktail menu...and drinks are VERY reasonable, much cheaper than you'll find at nightclubs in Downtown Denver.
We're new and somewhat nervous about people being pushy.
What makes Sugar House so great is that we attract classy people who are polite, respectful and practice friendly etiquette. The last thing an experienced couple wants to do is scare a new couple away by being defeats the purpose of meeting others.
We're somewhat shy but want to meet other couples. How do we do we overcome this?
You're not alone! Just remember that everyone that comes to Sugar House is here to meet like-minded couples like you. Our hostess and staff is always willing to make introductions to friendly regulars who may be a little more experienced. EVERY couple was new at some point and don't forget their first time at a Swingers club, so they are all understanding.
We heard you have on-premise hotel rooms. How does that work?
This is what makes Sugar House unique and fun! Click HERE for detailed information about the suites and how to reserve one.
Do you have a dress code?
Yes, the dress code is outlined below. The best thing to remember is that you're coming to meet other couples, and they will be checking you dress to impress. Physical attraction is usually what initiates introductions.
Do you have a lot of single women?
We do have a fair amount of single women that frequent Sugar House due to the fact it's a pressure free, female friendly environment. Keep in mind though that everyone wants to meet the elusive single female. Some nights we may have only one or two, other nights there may be a group of them. It's unpredictable, but we do provide an inviting and safe atmosphere for single women.
Do you allow single men?
We do not let random single men inside, ever. However, we do allow a very select few single men in who are either invited by another couple that is attending that particular evening, or they must already be familiar with Sugar House and know our staff and ask permission to come well in advance. There is never more than 2 or 3 single men in on any given night.

 Location:      1395 W. Alameda Ave. - 2 Blocks west of I-25
Parking:        Secured Valet Parking is only $5 - Click here for directions
Hours:          Friday & Saturdays 8 please see weekly calendar 
Cover charge: Usually $20 - $30 per couple. Please see weekly calendar for details.
Dress Code: Dress code is strictly enforced so we may provide an upscale atmosphere for everyone. This dress code is directed more towards the men than ladies since women typically can pull-off clothing (no pun intended) better than men, so we’re more lenient with the women. 
The following is not a complete list but merely a guideline for our dress code
As the saying goes, Dress to Impress...
NO NUDITY in "public" areas of the club - This means no exposed nipples or genitals. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are in one of our European style hotel suites. To book a suite email us at
We do NOT allow the following on Friday & Saturday evenings: Sandals, flip-flips, ball caps, sneakers/tennis shoes, hooded sweatshirts or sweatpants, torn, ripped or ratty jeans (a nice pair of jeans is fine), excessively baggy clothing. We do relax the dress code a little during the hot summer months.
Just look nice as if you were going out to any nice Denver night club or restaurant. We do reserve the right to deny entry at our discretion in regards to any dress code issues. Theme parties are of course an exception given the specific theme.
Other Denver Colorado swingers club info:  We cater to couples on Saturdays. The mass majority of those couples tend to be Denver swingers or couples that have an open mind and are looking to meet other couples who are at least curious about aspects of the Denver "lifestyle". This does not mean that everyone who attends is looking to have sex with other couples when they go home! While most of the couples that attend have had experiences with other couples or single women, many couples just come to enjoy the fun atmosphere we provide and encourage. It's sexy, fun, very classy and tasteful. If you’re curious about the Denver lifestyle or Denver swinger scene, Sugar House is the perfect place to explore those curiosities. Each weekend we see new couples coming in who are merely curious or interested to see what the Denver swinger scene is all about.
In a relaxing, fun, sexy, and playful Denver night club atmosphere, you can meet many other couples and single women in a non-threatening environment. Without being judged you can easily ask questions, chat, talk, and find out what the Denver swinger scene is all about with other young and very attractive couples. The great thing about Sugar House in Denver , is that it looks and feels like you’re in an upscale Denver Martini bar or nightclub, but with a very open minded and fun group of classy young professionals.
The sexy couples that attend come to socialize, meet, dance, and flirt. They are more into socializing and enjoying the company of other couples than they are into getting drunk with obnoxious behavior typically found at other Denver night clubs. Couples that attend are looking for other fun attractive couples like you to enjoy Denver nightlife with the potential added benefit of  discrete adult fun with each other after leaving. We’re all about the love and sexy vibe!

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